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Customization/Errors Inquiry

After signing off on the contract, any changes wanted regarding the garment may not be possible once the process of creating the garment has started. If client would like to make any changes, the client must email Virgile & Co. immediately. EXTRA charges may apply depending on what change is requested. Any errors regarding size, length, color, layout, or fabric of the garment after the process of creating the garment has started may require further payments in order to complete the order.


Refund / Cancellation Process

Since each garment is made to order, Virgile & Co. CANNOT accept any returns or cancellations for ANY reason once the client has signed the contract agreement sent to client's email after purchase. Once the client has cancelled the order(s) after the production of garment(s) have started, either by verbal or written communication, Virgile & Co. has the right to stop production of the order and use the garment, fabrics or materials for company use. If client wants to cancel order prior to production, client must email WITHIN 72 HOURS  for further conversation regarding this matter.



Virgile & Co. is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any delivery complications, including but not limited to; stains to the garment, delayed delivery of garment, or lost package. Please email right away if there are any issues to further communicate regarding the matter.

Production Timeframe


Production of garments vary based on the COMPLEXITY, ORDERING of materials, and NUMBER of garments per order. Please note, production may be delayed if materials take longer than stated for delivery. If there are any delays regarding client's order, Virgile & Co. will communicate this to the client immediately.

**For any further questions, click on the contact tab and send an email. Thank you!**

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