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The Work

Personalized napkins, custom invitations, unique cake toppers, and so much more! Below is what is currently being offered. Please note, packages are available if you'd like to purchase 2 or more of the items. If there are things you'd like but don't see here, please send an email!

Colorful napkins and decorative ring on white marble table, top view.jpg

Personalized Napkins and More

Various napkin sizes and colors available to enhance the personalization of your special occasion. The napkin rings are made with high quality cardstock and is recyclable after it's use.

Wax Seals and More

Customized wax seals are available for purchase. You have the option to purchase the wax seals as is or with envelopes. Wax seals purchases come with double sided glue dots to secure them to your envelopes or wax paper folds. The wax seals can also be paired with other available personalized items.

A closeup of wedding envelopes with wax seals on a white background.jpg
Wedding invitation concept. Top view photo of open pink envelope with paper card pink curl

Custom Cards and More

Customized card(s) needed for invitation of any special event. Whether you just need an invitation for a birthday party or a set (Invitation, RSVP, Save the Date, Thank You, Place Cards, Menus), it can be done. Not to freight, both online and physical product selection is available for certain items. 

Table Centerpieces and More

Customized table centerpieces, cake toppers, table numbers, and more. Online and physical product selection is available for certain items. Browse the selections now!

Pastel birthday cake with drip icing and balloons.jpg
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