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Janestha Virgile Draper

Janestha Virgile Draper is the owner and designer behind Virgile & Co. Children's Formal Wear. Founded in early 2017, the business has gone through two name changes (BabyGallore and VirgileBoutique), a pandemic, and a MAJOR rebranding. The rebranding was monumental for Janestha because it set the final tone of her true passion, strictly sewing children's formal wear. With the rebranding came new insights and the broadening of not just her designs, but the idea to sew boys formal wear!

Janestha states, "It is a dream come true to do what I love and I hope you love it too!"

Image by Héctor J. Rivas


Janestha's vision is to change the outlook of children's formal wear. They too deserve to look amazing and make a fashion statement. A special garment made for a prince or princess is just as important as the garment made for a king or queen. There needs to be more than just simple tulle dresses with white fabrics or simple vests and basic bow ties. The goal is change ordinary into exquisite to match the children who are nothing short of extraordinary.

Image by Marina Ermakova
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